14 Orchestra of Evils
14 Orchestra of Evils infobox
Status Active
Leader Odawara
Date of formation Unknown
Location Fujou High School
Anime Episode 1 (Silhouette)

Episode 4 (Actual)

Manga Chapter 12

14 Orchestra of Evils (魔の十四楽団 , Ma no Jūyon Gakudan) they are known as one of the strongest Delinquent gang at Fujou High School leaded by Odawara. They are the odd music gang, but isn't mean they armed with music instruments to fighting, they are a gang which always interfere in music competition. they messed up the rhythm of music.

They are also admitted train his fingers every day, to be more proficient when playing music games. one day they aim to occupy Fujou High School, Odawara is a leader but sometimes he is not respected at all, he was banished and even are called idiot, although once he could finish the quarrel between members, and makes all members friendly again with their leader.



  • Throughout series run this group always appear with didn't complete members, there is always absent among them.
  • They're have the theme song that named Otokogi Full Combo.


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