Azuma. T. Kei
Azuma. T. Kei
Character Status
Kanji Name 東・T・系
Gender Male
School Fujou High School
Anime Episode 7
Manga Chapter 20
Japanese N/A

Azuma. T. Kei is a student at Fujou High School, during the tournament game school, he was acted as a reserve contestant, because Kenji knocked unconscious by Takao's zipper bust shot.

He then became part of the Allies of Kazama Gang.

Appearance Edit

A fat guy with black hair and black eyes, he has stubble on his chin.


He was a generous person, once Hachi Shiou requested him to be a reserve contestan he readily agreed, after which he also praised Kazama's courage for saving Takao from Fifty-Fifty Fujisaki.