Azuma Matsubara
Azuma Matsubara infobox
Character Status
Kanji Name 東 松原
Gender Female
Height and Weight 181 cm, 58 kg
School Fujou High School
Class and Year 3-E
Anime Episode 6 (Cameo)

Episode 10 (Actual)

Manga Chapter 31
Japanese Yuuko Sanpei

Matsubara Azuma is a third year student at Fujou High School and Former Student Council Chamberlain, she known had been friends with Tama Sakai and Shinsen since childhood.

She has have a perfect value lesson, polite demeanor, and proficient in the field of sports, she is known as Perfect Girl. Later, she also known as Two Big Sis of Fujou with Kudanshita Kusshi who always take care her juniors.


  • When childhood through to elementary school, is known that Matsubara had been friends with Shinsen, and Tama Sakai.


  • Just like other characters' in D-Fragments series, their names are reference to railway stations in Japan. Her name is derived from Matsubara Station (Tokyo).