Chitose Karasuyama
Karasuyama Chitose infobox 2
Character Status
Kanji Name 烏山 千歳
Gender Female
Height and Weight 170 cm, 47 kg
Birthday April 27th
School Fujou High School
Class and Year 2-D
Club Game Creation Club (Provisional)
Relatives Chitose's Older Sister (Older Sister)
Anime Episode 1
Manga Chapter 1
Japanese Saito Chiwa

Karasuyama Chitose is a second year student at Fujou High School and the Vice-President of Game Creation Club (Provisional), she is also the 15th President of Fujou High School's Student Council.

Overview Edit

As the current president of the Student Council, she abuses her Political and Physical powers, she is feared not only by students, but the teachers bend to her rules as well. She is referred as The True Queen by her schoolmates.

It is later revealed that she and third year student Tama Sakai have had a rivalry since childhood that continued throughout their lives up until high school, but after defeating her in the "Cell Thief" mini game, Tama Sakai reconciled with her and started to hang-out together along with other members of Game Creation Club (Provisional).


Chitose is a young and tall girl (5'6"), with long purple hair and purple eyes. She is almost always seen in her school uniform, only without the blazer and her stockings go up to her thighs.

Personality Edit

When she was a toddler, Chitose was a shy child, and was bullied by Tama, she then became friends with Roka Shibasaki, who taught her to defend herself, which is where her more demanding and cruel personality stemmed from. Despite her cruel personality, she has shown a kinder side to Roka and Takao, and isn't as mean as one might think.


  • During childhood Chitose was always playing alone in a sandbox, while her older sister supervised her.
  • She met Tama Sakai when she was 4, and was frequently bullied by her.
  • She also met Roka at that time, who taught Chitose how to fend for herself. Chitose then used Roka's advice to help her bury Tama up to her neck in the sandbox.
  • Since that day she had a rivalry with Tama that had continued her second year of high school.