Double Brothers
Double Brothers Actual infobox
Status Unknown
Leader Unknown
Date of formation Unknown
Location Fujou High School
Anime Episode 1 (Silhouette)
Manga Chapter 10 (Silhouette)

Chapter 59 (Actual)

Double Brothers (二人 ブロだ , Futari Burazāzu) is one of the Delinquent gang at Fujou High School.


Double Brothers

Double Brothers as described by Ataru.

Not much information known about them but according to Ataru Kawahara they are one of the strongest delinquent gang in Fujou High School even people say they more powerful than imagined.

But actually they contrary their looks, because they are cooped up at the game center's to play card games or other games.


This group is only filled two brothers called Rauo and Tokizi.


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