D-Frag! Drama CDs are a number of recordings featuring many of the same voice actors reprising their roles for the anime. before anime adaptation aired, the first drama cd has been released since July 2012.

Just wonder, what is Drama CD?Edit

Drama CDs have stories and character interaction just like you'd see in anime, but it's all done with just voices, music, and sound effects. No animation. It's an audio story you just listen to. Sometimes drama CDs contain long, elaborate stories, and sometimes they'll just be short skits and extras.

List of D-Frag! Drama CDsEdit

Image Drama CD Title
Drama CD 1 D-Frag! First Drama CD

D-Frag! first Drama CD, containts an introduction of the Characters.
D-Frag! Drama CD - Madomura Online - D-Frag! Drama CD Modomura Online
Magical Village Online
madō-mura onrain
Contains about Game Creation Club (Provisional) who playing madouson (Magical Village) online.
D-Fragments! Drama CD - Gichigichi na Futari! D-Frag! Drama CD Gitchigichi na Futari!

Latest D-Frag! Drama CD released on April 25th, 2014.