Game Creation Club
Game Creation Club Infobox
Status Active
President Takao
Date of formation Unknown
Base of Operations Fujou High School
Anime Episode 2
Manga Chapter 4

Real Game Creation Club (ゲーム 制作 部, Fujō Gakuen Gēmu Seisaku-Bu), is one of Club in Fujou High School with their President: Takao.


Unlike Game Creation Club (Provisional), this club actually developed games from an early stage.

After almost disbanding a year ago, their President Takao struggled with new members to make the club's famous again. and ultimately emerges as the "New Game Creation Club", although new members mean they lack experience, their teamwork manages to carry them to victory in competitions.


Some day this club was very crowded, when 1st year Roka and Takao was here then because of Roka's unique behavior. Other members began ignore her, because her feelings, Chitose Karasuyama punish those who ignore Roka by burying them alive.

Because fears one by one member then left the club, including Roka who feel guilty then also left-out. after 2nd year Takao then became president and later struggle try to raise up the club again.


However after defeated in match against Game Creation Club (Provisional) at Fujou Academy Freedom Festival, Takao and her club later recognized Roka's Club.