Game Creation Club (Provisional)
Game Creation Club Provisional infobox2
Status Active
President Roka Shibasaki
Date of formation Some time after Roka left-out Game Creation Club
Base of Operations Fujou High School
Anime Episode 1
Manga Chapter 1

Game Creation Club (Provisional) (ゲーム 制作 部 (仮), Fujō Gakuen Gēmu Seisaku-Bu Kakko Kari), is one of Club in Fujou High School with their President: Roka Shibasaki and Advisor Teacher: Minami Oosawa.


This club is consists with unique members, though their claimed as game creators but they club activity just spend more time by playing games and sometimes lazily, although was almost disbanded, after Kenji Kazama join the club and sufficient members. Club is safe but afterwards they also won competition against Real Game Creation Club at Fujou Academy Freedom Festival their club has been recognized and now safe forever.

Shortly Tama Sakai as Former Student Council President also try to make disband Game Creation Club (Provisional), but Tama also defeated and club's now safe again (maybe).


After Roka feeling guilty and left-off from Game Creation Club, Chitose Karasuyama then tries help her best friend by asked to make a new game development club together and then formed Game Creation Club (Provisional).