Hachi Shiou
Hachi Shiou infobox 2
Character Status
Kanji Name 子王八
Gender Male
School Fujou High School
Class and Year 2-C
Club Game Creation Club (Provisional)
Anime Episode 6
Manga Chapter 17
Japanese Kouki Miyata

Shiou Hachi is a second year student at Fujou High School and member of Game Creation Club (Provisional).


He is famous among girls in school because he's handsome and his parents also own a company called Shiou Group who run businesses in various fields, because his case his case is special, he got permission to leaving school, and after that he is now back. His "seat" is behind the bookcase of the club.


He is polite guy, he's always smiling and much like Ataru Kawahara he also possesses a bit masochist nature. After he knew that Kenji Kazama had been attacked by Roka's bag attacks, he assumes that he has being caught between a love triangle. While Roka desperately tries to avoid him and leave him in the dark about the club's activities, the other members usually ignore him. Kenji finds him usually annoying and thinks his obsession for crampled spaces to be a bit creepy.


Roka Hachi History

"So, she has captured my heart!"

When he was first year and he was a plobe, he then met Roka which was making a bag, he then tried to get that bag, and after it Roka's attacked him with said bag. Later he claimed that Roka had captured his heart.


However after losing in a tournament game, while he is still obsessed with Roka's bag that has been passed to Kenji Kazama, after the tournament he became part of the Allies of Kazama Gang.