Higashigawa Kiyoshi
Higashigawa Kiyoshi infobox
Character Status
Kanji Name 東川清
Gender Male
School Fujou High School
Club Basketball Club
Anime Episode 11
Manga Chapter 34
Japanese N/A

Kiyoshi Higashigawa is a student at Fujou High School and member of Basketball Club, in manga is revealed that he with Kisarazu. Mc. Cooter and Kameyagami Sou who also other member of Basketball Club is have been friends since childhood, they even have been playing basketball together since that time.


When Game Creation Club (Provisional) against former Student Council as instruction by Tama Sakai he with Kisarazu and Kameyagami then appeared to head-off Kenji Kazama, they said Have found what they`re looking for!, they who seen Kenji Kazama which can jump higher and then invited him to join Basketball Club. Seems Kazama's high jump is useful in field of basketball so they keep on force him to join.