Hiroshi Nagayama
Hiroshi Nagayama infobox2
Character Status
Kanji Name 長山 ひろし
Gender Male
Height and Weight 190 cm, 81 kg
Birthday 14 November
School Fujou High School
Class and Year 2-F
Club N/A
Anime Episode 1
Manga Chapter 1
Japanese Kenichirou Matsuda

Nagayama Hiroshi is a second year student at Fujou High School and was friend of Kenji Kazama, Yokoshima and Ataru Kawahara, at once member of their delinquent gang Kazama Gang.

He got epithet as Long Mountain, when in fact it was only English translation of his name.


He always acted cool and with sunglasses adds a more cool, he looks friendly with his friends Kenji, Yokoshima and Ataru Kawahara.



  • Is known because have high posture, Nagayama's hobby is playing basketball, but he wasn't confirmed as member of the Basketball Club.
  • Just like other characters' in D-Fragments series, their names are reference to railway stations in Japan. His name is derived from Nagayama Station (Tokyo).