I Have a Secret Move?
D-Frag! Episode 11 infobox
Kanji 被疑位 ってなこ?
Rōmaji Higi tte nani?
Air Date March 17, 2014
Opening Stalemate! by IOSYS jk Girls
Ending Minna no Namae wo Irete Kudasai by Roka, Takao and Funabori
Adapted from Chapter 33, Chapter 34
Episode 10 Episode 12
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I Have a Secret Move? is the eleventh episode of D-Frag! anime. It first aired on March 17th, 2014.


Takao comes up with a contest called "Cell Thievery" where each team tries to snatch an opposing player's cell phone and correctly answer a question about that person written on the phone. Roka demands that Kenji "princess carry" her after Tama's hug from earlier drained most of her strength, and the two of them run away with Sakura, but two of Tama's team are in hot pursuit. Eventually, Roka regains her strength and distracts Naganuma long enough for Kenji to knock him out of the game. Chitose finds herself losing against Tama's strength and needs help. Roka tells Kenji he has a secret move: the "Vertical Jump." Kenji literally jumps up to the second floor and is immediately surrounded by the Basketball Club.

Anime and Manga DifferencesEdit

  • In Anime the delinquent gang, 14 Orchestra of Evils has reappears.
  • In Anime the Allies of Kazama Gang has appears and against 14 Orchestra of Evils.
  • In Manga when Kenji's makes "Vercital Jump", he did it himself. In Anime he was assisted by Yamada.
  • In Manga's flashback Roka have shout "Denzel Washington". In Anime this scene was skipped because Kenji already known about Chitose's past.

Characters AppearanceEdit