Kenji Kazama
Kenji Kazama infobox2
Character Status
Kanji Name 風間 堅次
Gender Male
Height and Weight 175 cm, 67 kg
Birthday 4 August
School Fujou High School
Class and Year 2-B
Club Game Creation Club (Provisional)
Relatives Noe Kazama (Little Sister)

Kazama's Mother (Mother)

Anime Episode 1
Manga Chapter 1
Japanese Katsuyuki Konoshi

Kazama Kenji is the main protagonist of D-Fragments, a second year student at Fujou High School, and the big brother of Noe Kazama. He is also a member of Game Creation Club (Provisional) and the leader of his delinquent gang.


Just like the other members of the Kazama family, Kenji has spiky orange hair, he has brown eyes, and has an ear cuff on his left ear. In school he often removed his blazer and also opened his school clothes to get the impression as a delinquent, he shows his double clothes which are usually red. He is the tallest member of the Game Creation Club (Provisional).


Bring It On!

"Bring It On!"

Despite considering himself a delinquent and the leader of the Kazama Gang, Kenji actually behaves well, he's surprisingly kind and honorable and is always considerate to others, so he will never hurt a girl. He is very down-to-earth and is considered a no-nonsense kind of person, so he tends to yell when he sees or hears something that is considered nonsense, this makes other people see him as loud and rough.

He is an ambitious person and wishes to be the strongest at the school, but tends to find himself inferior in physical strength against nearly every girl at his school. He can be easily provoked, likes the challenges and is very enthusiastic about winning. When outmatched in physical strength, he uses his wits and trickery to outsmart his opponents (usually girls). Despite his delinquent personality, his kindness has attracted several girls, such as Roka, Takao, Funabori and Tama.


  • During his childhood and through elementary school, it is known that Kenji has been friends with Ataru Kawahara, Hiroshi Nagayama, and Yokoshima, and all of them then formed the gang called Kazama Gang, but his friends tend to forget about him.
  • At childhood (wasn't too clear) Kenji with his little sister, Noe, became friends with Mogusa.
  • During an incident at elementary school, the Kazama Gang who got stuck in a wildfire and were abandoned by Takao's Mother, were then rescued by Mr. Shawn Konekone.
  • During the New Year, Kenji found Tama-chan's new year money, but he didn't know that Tama-chan is Tama Sakai, so Kenji, who found Tama's money reported it to the police.

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