Minami Oosawa
Minami Oosawa infobox
Character Status
Kanji Name 高尾
Gender Female
Height and Weight 157 cm, 43 kg
Birthday 23 October
School Fujou High School
Class and Year Advisor Teacher
Club Game Creation Club (Provisional)
Anime Episode 1
Manga Chapter 1
Japanese Ami Koshimizu

Oosawa Minami is a teacher at Fujou High School and the Advisor of the Game Creation Club (Provisional), though she only took that position so she can get more sleep.


Minami has a youthful appearance, but is actually a teacher at the school, which surprised Kenji Kazama since she looked nothing like a teacher. She has dark blue hair that she ties into a ponytail, and blue-ish gray eyes. When she was starting out as a teacher, her clothes were always being torn up, but a student she was on friendly terms with, Noborito, gave her her tracksuit so she can have clothing that she wouldn't be able to tear to shreds. Since that day, Minami has been wearing the tracksuit everyday, and it is in near-perfect condition.


When she had started teaching she had a very jaded outlook, and had moved from teaching at Hachioji to Fujou High School, but the long walk caused her clothes to get torn up everyday. Each day when she finally got to the school a student talk to her.

On the day of graduation, that student gives her the track suit she used to wear for P.E., because she felt that her teacher wouldn't tear this one up. Minami went on to wear it everyday and has expressed appreciation for the tracksuit, but Minami had forgotten her name up until Minami had told Kenji and Takao about it.


Minami Oosawa's Stun Gun

Minami Oosawa's stun gun.

Due to her element being "Lightning", she has a taser that she was first seen using on Yokoshima.


Minami Oosawa 2

Freshness effect of the perfect mode.

  • Just like other characters in the D-Fragments series, their names are references to railway stations in Japan. Her name is derived from Minami-Ōsawa Station.
  • Minami was revealed to have a "perfect mode," which allows her to stay awake for several hours, but it only works once a week.