Character Status
Kanji Name 百草
Gender Female
Height and Weight N/A
Birthday N/A
School Fujou High School
Class and Year 2-?
Manga Chapter 29

Mogusa also called as Mogusa-chan, not much information is known about her, but according to Kazama's Mother she is childhood friend of Noe Kazama and Kenji Kazama, she also a second year student at Fujou High School.

Overview Edit

She first mentioned when all members of Game Creation Club visit Kazama's house, Kenji's mother call her and ask if want to eat sushi joint, from outside Mogusa then reply agreed but shortly after entering the house even her face was not revealed, she was attacked by Roka's Bag, followed by Takao bust attacks, all girls seen jealous at Mogusa after known that she is Kenji Kazama's childhood friend.

Shortly, Tama Sakai also visited Kazama's house and she also hear that Mogusa is Kazama's childhood friend, Tama who claimed as onee-chan / big sister of Kenji Kazama's then asked what type of men she likes, and what her relationship with Kenji Kazama, then Mogusa answer she prefers men like Hachi Shiou who is famous among girls. She says not interested in Kenji at all, who admitted as delinquent, but it doesn't seem so, cause she looks hesitant and when answering Tama's question she try call Kenji Kazama as Ken-chan.


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