Naganuma infobox
Character Status
Kanji Name 長沼
Gender Male
School Fujou High School
Class and Year 3-E
Anime Episode 9 (Cameo)

Episode 10 (Actual)

Manga Chapter 31
Japanese Akira Ishida

Naganuma is a third year student at Fujou High School and Former Student Council Vice-President.


He is an otaku who powerful watch anime from morning until late at night, to cover his fatigue, he always turned closes his eyes while at school.


He said, hasn't be friendly to anyone except the voice actress or a people who similiar to anime character, he said Roka Shibasaki and Sakura Mizukami similar to his favorite voice actress, so he was in going problem.

Seems like Ataru Kawahara and Hachi Shiou, Naganuma's also have a bit of masochist nature.


When Tama try to make disband Game Creation Club (Provisional), as says by Tama, since Chitose became the new president of student council. Chitose's behaviour makes the student council looks nasty, as member of Former Student Council they said wouldn't allow it anymore, they later against Game Creation Club (Provisional)'s members in Games: "Cell Thievery", but Naganuma easly beaten by Roka's bag attacks.


Naganuma Described

Naganuma when he was described.

  • When he was described as an otaku, the three anime characters who appear behind him resemble:
  • All of them have the same seiyuu (voice actress), Kana Hanazawa (once seiyuu of Roka Shibasaki), who may possibly be Naganuma's favorite.
  • All the four (D-Frag!, Haganai, Mayo Chiki!, and IS) manga are published by Media Factory's Monthly Comic Alive imprint.
  • Just like other characters' in D-Fragments series, their names are reference to railway stations in Japan. His name is derived from Naganuma Station (Tokyo).