Noe Kazama
Noe kazama infobox
Character Status
Kanji Name 風間 之江
Gender Female
School Fujou High School
Class and Year 1-?
Relatives Kenji Kazama (Big Brother)

Kazama's Mother (Mother)

Anime Episode 7 (Flashback)

Episode 9 (Actual)

Manga Chapter 24
Japanese Emiri Kato

Kazama Noe is a first year student at Fujou High School and Kenji Kazama's little sister.


Just like the other members of the Kazama family, Noe has spiky orange hair, she also has brown eyes, like her brother. Noe arranges her hair into two pigtails, in school she usually wears a yellow jacket that covers her school uniform.


Noe is generally shy and sometimes has shown an outspoken nature. She has an admiration for Takao, calling her as amazing. Just like Kenji, she's also a no-nonsense person and she also tends to yell and give punchlines whenever she sees or hears nonsense. Unlike her brother, she sometimes can't handle all the craziness surrounding her and the stress can cause her to cry. While most of the time she calls Kenji "aniki", when she feels stressed, she calls him "onii-chan".



She is Noe's and Kenji's mother, her husband left her back then, she takes care Noe Kazama and Kenji Kazama by herself.

Kenji is Noe's big brother, she always giving attention to him, she also the one who make the lunch for Kenji, but when in front of other people she is very shy to talk with Kenji.

As seen she has called Kenji as "Aniki", but at certain moments she called him as "Onii-chan". Both "Aniki" and "Onii-chan" mean older brother, but "Aniki" is often used by younger brother, "Aniki" actually is not impolite by any means, but it does have a certain "rougher" connotation, while "Onii-chan" is appellation of normal polite.

Game Creation Club (Provisional)Edit

She was forced to join the club, Noe has seen several times hanging out with them, though not officially joined.

The two share a pretty well relationship, during the OVA, they seemed to develop a sort of friendly rivalry.


Ogawa is Noe's friend, as seen Ogawa is the person who tells her the story about famous people in Fujou High School.

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