One is Plenty
D-Fragments Chapter 3
Volume Volume 1
Adapted into Episode 1
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One is Plenty is the third chapter of D-Frag! manga.

Summary Edit

Ataru Kawahara is show off, he was the Vice-President of Fujou High School Student Council, shout aloud to rescue Kenji Kazama from Chitose Karasuyama, he also was chilhood friends of Kenji, Nagayama, and Yokoshima, revealed that Chitose was the President of Student Council, with her power she was feared by occupants of school even include the teachers and delinquents gang, hearing being talked by Ataru, Chitose emerged from 2nd floor window, she uncover that was also girls locker room, Chitose mocked that they are pervert, but immediately defending that she was on the floor 2, so they can not peek, Chitose even trigger them to vigor, say if they work together they can peek. Chitose plans to drop a locker for their, but Ataru insane Ataru then cooperating with Nagayama and Yokoshima hold the locker with fierce, but then he asked Kenji for help, kenji make a jumping and succeed to restore the locker, before declaring victory, Chitose preceded it on the grounds that they peer into girls locker room, while Nagayama and Yokoshima was fuzzy. Kenji and Ataru then get a suspended.

Characters AppearanceEdit