Pleased to Meet You
D-Fragments Chapter 2
Volume Volume 1
Adapted into Episode 1
Chapter 1 Chapter 3
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Pleased to Meet You is the second chapter of D-Frag! manga.

Summary Edit

Kazama Kenji who before forced to join the club, is still bagged, with forced while fear, Kenji finally asked to join. Kenji forced to to write an application form to enter the club, he wrote it but plan to take it before reaching into the hands of teacher, instead, there was Minami Oosawa who is a teacher and instantly receive Kenji's form. Kenji grab the form and then ran away but was surprised because Sakura Mizukami can pursue it very fast, but she was back again for forgetting to bring a water. Kenji then caught up with Roka's "Darkness Zone", but he was desperate to break through, but he was wrong way, causing him to nearly fall to the bottom of the window. Roka hold Kenji mightily to keep from falling, mentions Kenji as "candidates for the long-awaited", fortunate then Chitose Karasuyama and Sakura soon came, and then withdraw Kenji, Kenji finally gave up, submit the registration form and officially joined the Game Creation Club, Roka introduce her full name that Roka Shibasaki.

Characters AppearanceEdit