Still Thinking About It
D-Fragments Chapter 5
Rōmaji Mada koso kangaeru
Volume Volume 1
Adapted into Episode 2
Chapter 4 Chapter 6
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Still Thinking About It is the fifth chapter of D-Frag! manga.

Summary Edit

After seeing the the chaotic games that created ​​by members, Kenji finally snapped them and admonish for seriously, they then meeting for the Culture Festival for the next week, shortly president of Real Game Creation Club Takao came and entered the club' room, but she was immediately beaten by sand and water of Sakura Mizukami and Chitose Karasuyama, just Roka who didn't come to beat, make Kenji wonder, Roka asked if Takao was alright, but returned with Takao anger, and said do not act familiar, Takao left the club' room, Chitose then revealed that in first year, Roka and Takao was in same club and indeed knew each other, but Roka then left the club and formed the fake club, Kenji then arbitrate them, and Takao visible still want to be together with Roka despite uncovering shy. They then agreed to compete in the Fujou Freedom Festival, where if the Roka's club lose, they will be united with the Takao's club.

Characters AppearanceEdit