Student Council is a committee of students, but in Fujou High School is known Student Council could subdue students even the teachers, their President now is Chitose Karasuyama and the Vice-President now is Ataru Kawahara.

Former Student CouncilEdit

They are head of student council previous generation, is also known they's can makes the teachers subdue to their.

Former members are known:

  • Former Student Council President (元 生徒 会長 , Moto Seito Kaichō) - Tama Sakai
  • Former Student Council Vice-President (元 生徒会 副 会長 , Moto Seito-kai Fuku Kaichō) - Naganuma
  • Former Student Council Chamberlain (元 生生徒会 会計 , Moto Seito Kaikei) - Azuma Matsubara
  • Former Student Council Secretary (元生 生徒会 書記 , Moto Seito-kai Shoki) - Shinsen