Tama Sakai
Sakai Tama infobox
Character Status
Kanji Name 境 多摩
Gender Female
Height and Weight 181 cm, 58 kg
Birthday January 1st
School Fujou High School
Class and Year 3-E
Anime Episode 10
Manga Chapter 31
Japanese Kana Ueda

Sakai Tama is a third year student at Fujou High School and Former Student Council's President.

She is also a self proclaimed big sister of Kenji Kazama.

Appearance Edit

She is a very tall girl (easily the tallest girl in the series), with purple eyes and long silver hair, tied in her characteristic twin ponytails.


Tama is able to be cruel and extremely sadistic, but she wasn't as bad as she looked, it proved as she had no intention of winning at the game against Chitose because she gave an easy question.

She also often acts as a senior, as seen when she says to Kurokawa to not interfere with their juniors. She enjoys being called by the suffix "-chan", despite being a senior.


  • During childhood through to elementary school, Tama already be friends with Shinsen, and Azuma Matsubara.
  • She then met Chitose, and staring to bully her.
  • Since that, she had a rivalry with Chitose that continued until high school.
  • After bagged by Roka, she who previously always dropped her long hair then changed her hairstyle into twintails.
  • When the new years, Kenji's found her new year money, and then reported it to police.


Tama is first appeared when she kidnaped Kenji Kazama, she remarked that she tried to disband the Game Creation Club (Provisional), with the reasons; since Chitose became the new president of student council. Chitose's behaviour makes the student council looked nasty, as member of Former Student Council, they said wouldn't allow it anymore, they later fight against Game Creation Club (Provisional)'s members in a game called "Cell Thievery".

In the end, she is defeated and the others discovered that Tama had no intention to win against Chitose, because she gave an easy question. After being defeated, she reconciled with Chitose and sometimes hanging out together along with other members of Game Creation Club (Provisional).

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