Tenjin infobox
Character Status
Kanji Name 天神
Gender Male
School Fujou High School
Anime Episode 6
Manga Chapter 19
Japanese Atsushi Kousaka

Tenjin who calls himself I'm not Bald Tenjin (ハゲ じゃない 天神, Hage Ja Nai Tenjin) is a student at Fujou High School and member of delinquent gang 24 Bald Night Crawlers, he also one of tournament game school contestants competing for Roka's Bag


After that tournament, he later said tired of lies himself, and then joined the delinquent gang who contains all members of bald: 24 Bald Night Crawlers after Tenjin joined they're states their gang became 25 Bald Night Crawlers.