They`re the 14 Orchestra of Evils
D-Frag! Episode 4 infobox
Kanji あれは魔の十四楽団!!
Rōmaji Are wa Ma no Jūyon Gakudan!!
Air Date January 27, 2014
Opening Stalemate! by IOSYS jk Girls
Ending Minna no Namae wo Irete Kudasai by Roka, Takao and Funabori
Adapted from Chapter 9, Chapter 12, Chapter 13, and Chapter 14
Episode 3 Episode 5
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They`re the 14 Orchestra of Evils!! is the fourth episode of D-Frag! anime. It first aired on Januari 27th, 2014.


After some debate, Minami reveals that the club's official name is "Game Creation Club (Provisional)." While trying to avoid having to play the "Quest for Porn Mags in Space" board game that Roka created, the Kazama Party gets ambushed by the "Band of 14 Devils" (minus two for personal reasons). Despite his best efforts, Kazama and his friends are captured, though Ataru escapes to warn the Game Creation Club (Provisional) about what happened. The club and Takao decide to fake going to the bathroom and rush to Kenji's rescue.

Legend of Heroic Masochist! AtaruEdit

This is an extra, scene where Ataru Kawahara try to remove rope that binds Takao, but Minami Oosawa then enter club room while carrying stun gun and said as a teacher she wouldn't allow it, as super freak masochist Ataru challenged and then electrocuted with Oosawa's stun gun. Later Ataru was defeated and misunderstanding can be resolved by Takao.

Characters AppearanceEdit