Together Again!
D-Fragments Chapter 1
Volume Volume 1
Adapted into Episode 1
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Together Again! is the first chapter of D-Frag! manga.

Summary Edit

In a club room, some four girls talk about strange things their element, there is "Earth" (土, Tsuchi) — "Lighting" (雷, Kaminari) — "Water" (水, Mizu) — and "Fire" (炎, Honoo). Not long ago, the infamous delinquent gang called Kazama Gang was arrive at school, the two students talking about them, the members of that gang was: Little Foot Yokoshima, Long Mountain Nagayama, and Kenji Kazama their leader. The Kazama Gang later find Game Creation Club room, Yokoshima said they might be able to get the games they want. But after they entered the room, they saw was fire, four girls at the beginning of the story is what makes the fire, but one of the members, Roka say it is an illusion. The Kazama Gang alley directly extinguish the fire, but after that, two Kenji's friends, Yokoshima and Nagayama made lost consciousness ​​by the girls at that club.

Kenji was wondering what was going on, but again the girls talk strange about their element. After receiving bizarre attacks from them, Kenji eventually runs away leaving his two friends, but the club president Roka Shibasaki, managed to find him, said that her element wasn't "Fire" but actually "Darkness" (闇, Yami), she managed to kidnap Kenji and forced him back into the room club, with baged condicion, Kenji was forced to join the club, with forced while fear, Kenji finally asked to join.

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