Tsutsuji Shibasaki
Tsutsuji infobox3
Character Status
Kanji Name つつじ 柴崎
Gender Female
School Higashi-Fuge Academy
Club Higashi-Fuge Game Creation Club
Relatives Roka Shibasaki (Older Sister)
Anime N/A
Manga Chapter 41

Shibasaki Tsutsuji is Roka Shibasaki's little sister, which attended at Higashi-Fuge Academy because she failed during entrance exams for Fujou High School, she is who every day makes bento for Roka.

Personality Edit

She was infatuated with her sister, said that Roka was very cute even after she grew up. She gets a nosebleed every time she sees Roka's cuteness. Because of her love for her sister she even came to Fujou High School and threatened Kenji Kazama and asked him to leave the Game Creation Club (Provisional), so Kenji couldn't meet with her older sister again.