What?! Your Little Sister Makes Your Lunches?!
D-Frag! Episode 5 infobox
Kanji 何ー!? 妹に弁当を!?
Rōmaji Nanī!? Imōto ni Bentō o!?
Air Date Februari 3, 2014
Opening Stalemate! by IOSYS jk Girls
Ending Minna no Namae wo Irete Kudasai by Roka, Takao and Funabori
Adapted from Chapter 15, Chapter 16
Episode 4 Episode 6
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What?! Your Little Sister Makes Your Lunches?! is the fifth episode of D-Frag! anime. It first aired on Februari 3rd, 2014.


Kenji tries to get out of playing the newest edition of "Quest for Porn Mags in Space" again, promising Takao anything if she'll switch places with him. Unfortunately, after striking the deal, Roka reveals that this edition can be played by five people. Later, Chitose bullies Kenji into eating a green pepper off the floor, Kenji initially refused but after knowing there diligent student in his class that Funabori he last ate that. After lunch, Kenji reveals some backstory about his relationship with legendary Japanese classic literature teacher Shawn Konekone.

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